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Apostle Loretta Williams

The Five Fold Ministry in full operation.
She serves in many capacities as Editor in Chief, CEO and President, Founder of  Voices of Deliverance Evanglistic Outreach Ministries in 1972, Pastor of Voices of Deliverance Evangelistic Church in 1991.  Yet even prior to these out standing commitments, Loretta Williams born and raised in Chicago, IL. began her ministry as an Evangelist preaching her first sermon and conducting a revival at the Church of the Living God Pillar and Truth at age sixteen while visiting her great-grandmother Minnie Wills and grandparents, Pinkney and Beatrice Corlton (now deceased).
For almost fifteen years she served as an Evangelist, preaching and sharing the "good news of the Gospel," across the United States, often traveling with her two children during spring, summer and winter breaks from school.  Her first and main priority to be a good mother to her children that God had blessed and placed in her care.  Being a mother didn't stop her from doing what she loved, " traveling and preaching God's Word," but it did slow her down.  She made a vow that once here children were adults, she would dedicate herself to full time Evangelism.
However, as a Proverbs 31 Woman, Loretta kept her hands busy with many endeavors as an entrepreneur of her own businesses as MBE/WBE contractor, ( a business she learned from her first husband and father of her two children.)  She also established an office as an Administrator for Desktop Publishing while using her talents and abilities as a caterer for The Pastor's Kitchen, which she has operated for over nine years, specializing in delectable fresh home baked goodies, she is known as "the cookie lady," for her giant granny style cookies of many varieties.  Her business accomplishments also included a gift shop and thrift shop.
The spiritual manisfestation of operating in the "prophetic gift" has been a major factor in her life, discovered at an early age, "Her gift has made room for her," and she has been sought after by many leaders, ministers and individuals as a true Prophetess of God.  
As a Teacher and Instructor,  she has been instrumental in training ministers at her own local assembly, and the many ministries that she has been able to network with down through the years.  She is known as a business administrator and assisted pastors and leaders of every denomination; giving sound Biblical principles, reinforcing moral standards, challenging out dated concepts and ideas and enlightening those who have been blessed to receive her knowledge and counsel.  She established The Leadership Training Academy in 2004 for those who desire to enhance and expand their spiritual knowledge, to become more efficient and effective in ministry.
In 2005, she accepted and began to operate as an Apostle, meaning "  a sent one."  God has established her going in, and coming out, and moved her across the nations, her residential and Ministry Headquarters are located in Chicago, IL. and Irving, Texas.  Her lastest venture was the establishment of Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship, (Oasis Ministerial Fellowship) which has National Headquarters in the USA, and newly established International Headquarters in West Africa and God has envisioned her with plans to have Jurisdictions throughout the African Continent and other International Countries.
She has already been invited to establish International Ministries and speak at conferences and train pastors and leaders in the Philippines, India, Trinidad  as well as in her home country The United States of America.
"I encourage Today's Women in Ministry, to be all that God has ordained for you to be, to fulfill the divine destiny that your Father created for you to accomplish in your life time, and be a chayil woman as stated in Proverbs 31, a woman of excellence in whatever role or title that is assigned to you."




This months Edition we want to Highlight two special young women, who I had the opportunity to meet, at our Irving Texas Headquarters, that are special to my heart.  They are Nicole and TaShaye Doss.   These young women love the Lord and music!  They sang with devotion and anointing, and have been a tremendous blessing to Oasis Worship Center Fellowship.  They are Ministers of Music for Glory Temple Holiness Church, where my good friend, Bishop Mary Galloway is the pastor.  These young ladies, have been singing at an early age and have been inspirational to many other youths in their communities in the Dallas/Forth Worth Metro-Plex.  We salute Nicole and TaShaye and encourage them to continue to serve the Lord with gladness of heart.  What comes from the heart, reaches the heart.  Looking forward to their soon to be released CD.

Nicole Doss ministering the Word
Irving, TX Fellowship Service

TaShaye Doss in Worship

Harmony of Praise in Worship
Oasis Fellowship Service

Pastor Yvonne Bennett

Pastor Yvonne D. Bennett

Love Lifted Me Center

“Where our Hearts are Centered Around You


Pastor Yvonne D. Bennett was born and raised in Detroit Michigan.  Following the call of God she is now faithfully serving as Senior Pastor to World Link to Living Water Ministries in Texas.  Her motto is “Reaching Them by Teaching Them the Word of God”.  She has traveled extensively across the USA and her worldwide ministry reaches as far as Kenya, Africa.


Pastor Bennett is Founder and Overseer of “Forerunners National Women’s Organization” (4 NOW).  Known as a mentor to many women on all levels of ministry, she provides a format for women to exercise their gifts and perfect their ministries.  This women’s ministerial alliance is to bring enrichment, encouragement, and empowerment to women in ministry.  They provide training for women in all walks of life preparing them for Kingdom service.  


Her Outreach ministry includes two local nursing homes, the Arlington Women’s Shelter, and community involvement in youth development. 


Pastor Bennett serves as President of the National Women’s Department of World Link of Churches and Ministries with several churches linked in fellowship across the world.  (Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr. is founder and overseer headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana).  She presides over and hosts the annual W.L.C.M. National Women of T.R.U.T.H. Women’s Conference.


Pastor Bennett is the Senior Editor of the National Quarterly Newsletter “Latter Rain” and the “Step UP” national publication.  She is a staff writer for the “Global Link Magazine” a worldwide Christian publication.


Her Life Support Program offers a fresh start to many in need with clothing, household items, assisting in those newly released from prison, transitioning from rehab, homelessness, abusive situations, etc. 


She has a Pentecostal background and roots deeply planted in the ministry of deliverance.  Her charismatic delivery of the Word causes demons to flee when confronted with the fiery preaching and teaching style of this end time messenger. She is known as a Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.


She crosses boundaries to reach souls.  Age, race, gender, nor religious persuasion has ever been a factor to this yielded vessel.  There is no respect of persons.  She is known for her love of God’s people.


Pastor Bennett mentors women of all ages as well as Pastors and Evangelists (women and men alike).  She is a tool in the hand of God used to assist in developing ministry gifts and reshaping broken lives.


 Yvonne D. Bennett


 Senior Pastor

Pastor Bennett will be ministering at the Oasis Worship Center Women’s Fellowship on Saturday’s Round Table is for Women only, September 29th at 1:30 p.m. and Sunday, September 30th at 10:00 a.m. everyone is welcome to attend.  OWC  is located at the Comfort Inn 9333 Skokie Blvd.  Skokie, IL. (North of Chicago) 60077.

There is no registration to attend.  RSVP to attend the Fellowship Dinner at 5:00 p.m. at Don’s Cove Restaurant, located inside the hotel, every guest will be responsible for the cost of their meal ordered from the menu.  For hotel reservations contact the hotel directly call (847)679-4200.  Special Room Discount for Oasis Worship Center guests.  For further information regarding this event call (773)944-0620 or email us today at

Prophetess Bonnie San Hamel

Today's Women Leaders
Walking in Power and Authority


Rev. Bonny San Hamel, Prophetess of the Most High God, walks with the Lord both day and night, and the supernatural is an everyday occurrence for her.  When Bonny begins to minister prophetically to an individual, the Lord moves through her allowing her to touch on a person’s past wounds, present circumstances and future dreams so that he or she may be made whole. 


Prophetess Bonny says, "I just tell them what the Lord reveals to me.” She is a revivalist with a burning passion to see every believer become the habitation of the seven spirits of God on earth.  Revelation, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, fear of the Lord, and Knowledge.  2007 is the year of blessings. She will share her experiences of heaven, angels, visions, dreams, and the presence of God with all who ask, so they too will hunger for more of the Most High God. 


Going back to her childhood days, Rev. Bonny realized she was always hungry for more of God.  After flirting with this yearning for years, she turned the desire around by going to a Women's Aglow meeting twenty-seven years ago. That fateful event started Bonny on her way to know the truth about Our Lord Jesus. She said, "I found a group of women who truly loved the Lord and had a sincere appreciation for other women's spirituality and well being." 


Rev. Bonnie San Hamel met Apostle Loretta Williams, President of Oasis Worship Center, Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship at the Women’s Aglow Meeting and been consistently working with her when possible.  She has recently been appointed to serve on the Ministerial Staff for Oasis Worship Center Headquarters, Love District which covers Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan as assistant to Apostle Loretta Williams as an associate minister. 


Rev. Bonnie is a spiritual leader, preparing the way for others called into ministry.  She is a wife and mother, businesswoman and entrepreneur.  She is a “Chayil Woman,” spoke of in Proverbs 31:10-31  “Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates.” KJV Prov.31:31

Rev. Bonnie San Hamel will be ministering at the Oasis Worship Center Sunday, August 26th at 10:00 a.m. everyone is welcome to attend.  OWC  is located at the Comfort Inn 9333 Skokie Blvd.  Skokie, IL. (North of Chicago) 60077.

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