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Apostle Loretta Williams
The Five Fold Ministry in full operation


This past November, Apostle Loretta Williams the Founder and CEO of Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship (Oasis Ministerial Fellowship) had the wonderful opportunity to visit for the first time, Nigeria West Africa.  The Host Pastor, Jurisdictional Elder of Africa is Rev. Thomas Udeh, who is the Founder/Pastor of Lifting Powers International Ministries in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, where the first week of the Crusade and Leadership Training Meetings for pastors and leaders from the surrounding villages and rural area took place.
The second week, the Crusade Meeting was held in Ndukpoise, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria West Africa at the Believers Manisfestation Ministries World Wide with Founder/Pastor Rev. Alice Adams, who has been appointed on the African Jurisdictional Board as the Women's Supervisor and on the Advisory Board.
The Crusade was a tremendous success,  in fulfilling Oasis Ministerial Fellowship's Mission Statement "To Bring Unity to the Body of Christ."
Apostle Williams plans to return April 2006 for the West Africa District's Spring Convocation, and in November for the National Convention.

Rev. Thomas Udeh

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, West Africa
I arrived in Port Harcourt and was greeted by my spiritual sons, Rev. Thomas Udeh and Pastor Emmanuel Asuquo, it was my first time outside of the United States and I was traveling alone to meet people that I had never seen before.  My eyes took in the palm trees and I immediately became aware of my surroundings.  Once we began our trip to Uyo, the roads were not completed, cars, trucks and cycles were driving at their own speeds, each believing they had the right of way.  I saw very few traffic stops, I have never seen such driving conditions in all the cities I have visited before.  I watched fascinated as the Nigerian Merchants sold their products and wares outdoors, some in front of small shacks and others just by the roadside.  I saw very few white faces, everywhere I looked I saw Africans, some dressed in traditional garments, but most wore clothing similar to what we wear in America.  Yet, I knew, I had arrived in Africa!
I was taken straight to the Crusade Meeting, which had already begun that Thursday evening, Rev. Gregory Ntukidem was the keynote speaker, his topic was on "The Power of Intercessory Prayer."  Although we arrived late during the service, I was immediately recognized and given a standing ovation and warm welcome from the ministers and congregation.

Rev. O. J. Akpan

Friday morning, our first Leadership Training Session took place at the Full Gospel Faith Mission, Rev. O. J. Akpan is the Pastor and Lady Emem Akpan his faithful spouse and gracious hostess, both serve on the Oasis Ministerial Fellowship Advisory Board.  The lesson was taught in classes, by several of the ministers each with a sub-topic from The Seven Keys to Successful Ministry* ( available on audio cassette or CD). 
The classes were combined and the lesson summary was given by me, afterwards I prayerfully ministered to those who attended.  My heart truly rejoiced to have so many different ministers from various denominations within the communitiy and as far as Aba, Nigeria come to the Leadership Training and Crusade Meeting.  Ministers begin to strengthen and build new spiritual relationships with one another, in fellowship.

Friday evening, Rev. Mrs. Alice Adam, who is the Oasis Women's Supervisor, spoke on the topic "Unity in the Faith."  Her scripture text, was based on our Mission Statement and Apostle's Creed found in 1 Cor. chapter 12.  The message reminded each minister of the "Great Commission," that Christ charged each disciple and apostle to fulfill.  In order for the body to work together it must be whole and in order for each member to function properly, as designed by God, the total body must be in agreement with the head.
Saturday morning, the Women's Wing (now officially known as The Ladies of Distinction and Daughters of Zion) met with me for the first time in a closed session. The Vice President, Prophetess Caroline Udeh exhorted the women on "Daughters of Zion, claiming your inheritance."  I summarized the lesson, by speaking on "Women's Issues and Concerns," though we were from different nationalities, women everywhere are experiencing the same trials, tribulations and concerns, regardless of where you live or what country you are from.  The women cried, laughed and rejoiced together as we bonded one with another.

The evening service, Oasis Advisory Board Secretary was the keynote speaker.  Rev. Emmanuel Asuquo spoke on "Walking in power and authority."  He is a young man, who reminded the ministers that titles and positions are not enough to bring deliverance and salvation to the people, it is the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that gives us the ability to operate in power and authority.  It is the spirit that maketh alive!
When the message was completed, I prayed and prophetically ministered to those in the congregation, and the Holy Spirit began to quicken and set free those in bondage.
Sunday Morning was a glorious day!  It began with two of the ministers, Rev. Gregory Ntukidem, and Rev. O.J. Akpan, teaching a lesson from the Bible.  The combined choirs from various ministries, sang and the people rejoiced in true African fashion, (those who have never beheld how Africans praise the Lord in the dance, I tell you, it is truly a wonderful sight to behold!) Rev. Thomas Udeh gave a stirring exhortation, before introducing me as the main speaker; after the sermon, I was taken to his village to fellowship and share a meal with him, his family and visiting ministers. 
This was just my first four days in Africa, each day filled with appointments to counsel and meet with the many leaders (some that had travelled as far as Lagos and cities within West Africa).  Each night I returned back to the hotel, was met pleasantly by the staff and retired for the evening exhausted but with such great exhilaration to behold the glory of the Lord being revealed, among His people.  I knew that my coming to Nigeria, West Africa wasn't in vain.

Rev. Mrs. Alice Adam

Ndukpoise, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria West Africa.
The second week of the End Time Harvest Crusade took place at The Believers Manisfestation Church, where Rev. Alice Adam is the Founder and Pastor.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

The services were held outside in the warm beautiful weather.  One of the high-lights of having these meetings outside was that my sons and daughters in Africa believe in having Church!  There isn't a rush to conclude the services to get back home and watch your favorite television program, or go to bed early to rise for work in the morning.  The stamina that they possess is beyond my comprehension.  My son, Rev. Udeh woke me each morning to bring me, hot tea and cake/bread before we began the day, after being up late until the wee morning hours from the previous day.
Rev. Pius Adam, was our daily chauffeur from Uyo to Ndukpoise, we would leave early in the evening for service and because the rural roads are not safe at night for travel, the majority of those traveling, stayed inside the church until dawn the following morning.  One of the things I remembered and enjoyed immensely was hearing the sweet sound of inspirational music-african style all throughout the night, the musicians many times continued to play, long after the service had been dismissed.  I felt like a part of heaven, had drifted down on the face of the earth.
During the second week, I ministered and prayed for the people.  The Word of the Lord was calling and speaking to them "to change!  It is time to begin all things new, setting aside old traditions, beliefs and idealism, that no longer promotes growth, progress or prosperity."  For many, the messages were challenging, it meant giving up old ways and ideas that had become a part of their daily lives and rituals; for others the messages represented a fresh start, and they welcomed the words with eager response.

Lifting Powers Int'l Ministries

Rev. Albert Okono, who is the Oasis Jurisdictional Finance Director was a keynote speaker that week, and he re-affirmed the words spoken by the Apostle.  "Now, is the appointed time for Africans to submit themselves to change, which will bring spiritual and natural healing, which will strengthen the Body of Christ as a whole, and as a result, bring forth changes and modifications, that will have a direct and positive effect in their cities, villages, and surrounding communities.  Changes to benefit all those who live within Africa's borders."
Sunday was Official Day with the Ordination and Confirmation of Appointment of Rev. Thomas Udeh, and his lovely spouse, and helpmeet Prophetess Caroline Udeh.  Both having faithfully served on the Oasis Ministerial Fellowship Crusade Board, were now being elevated as Leaders over the African Jurisdiction.  The school that the services are regularly held, was packed to no sitting room, as visitors and guests that included family, friends and ministers from the entire area and community came to encourage and give them their full support and best wishes.  One of the things I enjoyed the most was the joy that was portrayed by those who rejoiced with Rev. Udeh and Prophetess Udeh as they were given their credentials.  Their faces were radiant, and the room was filled with exhilaration and excitement.  The women gathered around me and we danced as Miriam danced!  It was a day that I will never forget, as long as I shall live.

Oasis Christian Education Director
Rev. Gregory Ntudikem

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