Our Policies

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Guidlelines and Requirements:

Merchant Vendors, Exhibitors and Distributors

1. Registration and Vendor Payment are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled or re-scheduled by Fresh Start Promotions or the facility/location in which the event is contracted, or in situations beyond our control such as inclement weather and acts of God.


2. Registration must be paid prior to any set-up or display of your merchandise, unless you have received notification from the Event Coordinator or Fresh Start Promotions Staff.  Your space will not be guaranteed, until payment is received in full.


3. Vendors are responsible for your table and products on display and not the Event Promoter or the facility in which the event is being held.  Please have someone at your table/display at all times, other vendors are not required to watch your goods and products and can't be held responsible for any loss of merchandise. 


In case of emergency, or you need to leave your table or assigned space, notify the Fresh Start Event Promoter immediately.


4.  We ask every vendor to donate one beautiful item for our display tables or as a gift to be raffled at one of our events that has your business name or tag on it.  The item donated becomes the property of our organization once you have given it to us.


5. Items should not be over priced due to the Holiday's or Special Events, most shoppers are bargain hunting or looking for a unique gift within a reasonable price range. 


6.  Fresh Start Promotion is not responsible for the amount of sales or traffic flow, of each event and will issue no refunds due to sales volumes. 


7. We have guidelines stipulated by the facilities of each location that we have to honor, in which vendors will be responsible to adhere.


8.  Plan to be on time, you will be given the set-up time for each event and your space will be allotted to you upon your arrival at the designated location by Fresh Start Promotions Staff.  Your space may be filled or allotted to another merchant by opening time if you have not showed or called to inform us of your expected arrival time.


9. Vendors are required to stay until closing, or until they have depleted their merchandise, should you need to depart early, kindly inform Fresh Start Promotions Staff or the Event Coordinator before you take down your display or merchandise.


We hope this will answer some of your questions, regarding our guidelines.  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to be a participant at our events and look forward to doing business with you in the future.


A 10% discount on future events will be awarded to existing vendors with either a referral of another vendor who registers or your own business once you have successfully done one event with us.


Fresh Start Promotions and Events is affiliated with Non-Profit Organizations and portions of the proceeds from our events will be donated to designated Charitable Organizations.  Many of our Events are Fund-Raisers for Charities and Foreign Missions.


If these terms are acceptable to you and your partner, reply back to this email that you agree to these terms with your names and contact information attached.

We value your business!  As an incentive to continue to net-work with FRESH START PROMOTIONS, we offer those who continue to participate as vendors, merchants, distributors and exhibitors with our various events and functions a special discount based on client referrals and contacts, the number of tables/space purchased per event and sales volume.
It is our endeavor to recognize the need of each our clients, your products and services that are offered, and to connect you with potential customers and higher sales volumes.
Restrictions and Guidelines to apply:
1. Preferred Client Reward Incentives and Discounts information is confidential between Fresh Start Promotions and the Vendor, Merchant, Distributor and their representatives, and information regarding discounts should not be shared with other vendors or merchants.
Failure to comply, can result in losing your Preferred Client Status and privileges.
2. You are responsible to complete all registration and payment requirements by the given deadline, or you forfeit your discount.
3. You will be required to sign an written agreement to the Contract Guidelines prior to the show/sale.
4. Your business/company and it's representatives will be held accountable to be present, on the designated date and time to receive the discount, reward incentive or special offer.  Failure to appear will result in the loss of your eligibility for future discounts with Fresh Starts Promotions.

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