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Where there is Unity there is Strength

(Ephesians 4:11-12)  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Loretta Williams
Chief Apostle & Overseer


  East Africa: PEACE DISTRICT _ Motto: John 14:27

“ Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

We spotlight some of the Pastors/Ministers of Oasis Ministerial Fellowship so that you can read about their vision, mission and accomplishments.  These leaders have linked themselves to our Fellowship to "expand their horizons."  Each person is unique, God has a special purpose for these individuals and their ministries.  Their sincere commitment as joint members and being in Covenant Agreement with Oasis Ministerial Fellowship has enabled us to "serve one another with gladness, because we are members of the same body."


Our church was formerly called: Reach The Nations For Christ Ministry I have been the Senior Pastor and Founder of this Ministry. 
In 2008 I became the Senior Pastor and newly appointed District Elder of Oasis Worship Center here in Uganda, East Africa  known as East Africa Peace Jurisdiction our Main Headquarters is Oasis Worship Center Kampala we have other churches and branches in the rural areas that are under  our Jurisdiction.   Apostle Loretta Williams is our Overseer and Spiritual Mentor as we are the African Jurisdiction under her leadership.

Rev. Emmanuel Kabambi resides in Kampala,Central Sate, the Capital City of Uganda, East Africa. 
He contacted Apostle Williams after he went online and got the email address on the internet.  He read the Mission and Vision Statements (Affirmation of Faith).  He wrote to Apostle a letter of intent, that he wanted to net-work with her ministry.  He wrote, “our church, in Africa needs the Word of God.  People need deliverance and encouragement. We want seminars and crusades to be organized for you when you come to Uganda.  Africa is the Macedonia of today. Come and share with us what the Lord has put in your heart. We are ready to work with you.” 


Rev. Kabambi is married to Prophetess Imelda Emmanuel Kabambi, they are blessed with five children. 







He has been appointed District Elder for Central State in Uganda which is the Peace District Jurisdiction. 


He became an official registered member of Oasis Interdenominational Ministerial Fellowship in 2007.  Rev. Kabambi is excited about Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship (OIMF) coming to Kampala. He will be responsible for net-working with other pastors and ministries in Central State to fulfill OIMF Mission Statement, which is “To Bring Unity to the Body of Christ.”





Two years ago, Rev. Emmanuel Kabambi decided to he wanted to change the name of his church to become the Official Headquarters of Oasis Worship Center Uganda. He requested written permission from Apostle Loretta Williams and the USA Executive Board to represent their organization in East Africa.  His faithfulness and hard work in the community has caused the membership to triple and there is hardly sitting or standing room on Sunday’s to accommodate all the people attending.  


“What shall I do?” he wrote to Apostle Williams.  They have just completed putting the shingles on the roof and getting the temporary structure completed, now there is hardly enough room to contain all the people!


Apostle told him to “Have two services, have the adults inside and appoint teachers to work with all the children and take them outside so there is enough room.”  

We are excited about what God is doing in Uganda, souls are being set free and delivered from sin, sickness, disease and every evil work.  There were 27 people baptized that received Christ at the last Baptismal Service and 33 children dedicated to the Lord during the Dedication Service.  


We need more than a building, we need land to build a building!  Apostle Williams’ vision is to have not only a church but a large enough facility that will have offices, a community center for education and training of the pastors and ministers, and a primary school for the children.  


Oasis Worship Center is the heart of the community.  It is a place where people can come to worship God, fellowship and grow by expanding their knowledge and learning.  The Word of God says, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.”  It is our goal that none should perish, but as many as receive Christ at Oasis Worship Center should have life and that more abundantly!  All things are possible with God.



Would you like to make a donation towards this ministry?  90% of your donation will be sent via Western Union directly to Pastor Kabambi to help him continue the great work he is undertaking in Kampala, a tenth is set aside for the Tithe.


Click on the Donation, Visa and Master Card Buttons from Pay Pal to process your contribution immediately.  Pay Pal is safe, it's free!  Pay Pal accepts Debit/Credit Card logo's with Visa and Master Card Logo's, American Express, Discover Card and Electronic Transfers from you Bank Checking or Savings Account.


You will receive instant notification via email of your transaction being processed from Pay Pal.


For further information regarding your contribution contact Apostle Williams at

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To give a donation to support pastors, churches, ministries and orphans in Africa please go to World Wide Evangelism < on the right bottom section on the Home Page and look for the donate button. Every ministry that we support financially is accountable to Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship.

Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship (OIMF)
And Oasis Ministerial Fellowship (OMF) is growing as we expand our borders and enlarge our territories to include new Jurisdictions in Africa! 
In 2011 Apostle Williams during Oasis International Spring Convocation she will be visiting and meeting with the pastors, ministers and associates in Uganda, at the newly appointed Oasis Worship Center in Central State, Kampala. 
If you are interested in attending the Leadership Training Academy Workshops and Seminars that she will be teaching during the day time, please send your email address with contact information for our District Elder to contact you with further information, regarding the dates, times and location of these ministry sessions. 
Consultation will be by appointment only!  This is going to be a great event, so plan now to be in Uganda when Apostle Williams is ministering and teaching God's Word!
If you are interested in becoming a Candidate for Membership are your ministry is located in Uganda, please contact our USA office by email.
For information regarding the dates, times and various locations of the 2011 International Spring Convocation, please send an email request to:




It is very important with any organization to have people that are trust worthy and honest.  Holding an official position as a Trustee for a religious non-profit organization requires people of integrity, faithfulness, commitment and loyalty to the leadership of the church and ministry as well as the Chief Apostle and Executive Board.


In the New Testament in the Book of Acts, the early Apostles appointed and anointed individuals to be administrators who were capable of taking care of the business of the church, so that the apostles could continue to minister and preach the gospel. 


Many people today want to hold official titles and positions, but they are not willing to be trained or receive certification, nor do they want to submit to higher authority.  In order to be a respected leader, you must learn how to follow instructions.  Ministry is all about serving God and one another.


Each year individuals are selected by the District Elder to serve as Trustees with the approval of the Chief Apostle.  They are his spiritual administrators and have the gifts, talents and abilities to get the work done!  We are many members, but one body.  Every leader needs a team of workers so that the vision of the leader is implemented, this brings forth growth and expansion in our churches and ministries. 

Just a year ago only a few members
Temporary Shelter of OWC Kamapla

Recent Church growth is full capacity
OWC Kampala Sunday Morning

Children's Sunday School
OWC Kampala

Suffer little children to come unto me
and forbid them not! Children's Dedication

27 Souls for the Kingdom recieve Water Baptism

Temporary Shelter Constructed
We need a larger and permanent facility!

Senior Pastor Emmanuel Kabambi wrote on Apostle Loretta Williams Face Book Wall:
It is a pleasure to hear from you once again.  The work of the Lord is going on well and we are busy also working with the 2 branch churches to make sure they get a small shelter of iron sheets.
We have baptized other members last week and expect to baptize others in January 2011.  We are holding a crusade now in the village and it will end tomorrow Sunday Evening.  I have just come to town to get some items and back to the village for the crusade.  Children are now double in the church and the adults also.
With the church, we are trying to help the orphans and pay for some of the school fees.
Sent Saturday December 16th 2010

Orphans Children's Choir
Oasis Worship Center Kampala Uganda

From the Desk of the Apostle:


Since my first visit to Nigeria in 2005, to my most recent trip in April 2007, I have encountered men and women in leadership who have exemplified Christian behavior in their integrity and servant-hood with honor and dignity.


However there are those in Africa who still require these attributes which make their intentions questionable.  Therefore to prevent any fraud, scams, or miss-appropriation of monies, donations, contributions from patrons, sponsors or those who net-work with our organization from these individuals who may have excellent referrals and/or ministry credentials, please make sure that you confirm their membership or affiliation with us through Oasis Worship Center USA Executive Office in Irving, Texas or Chicago, IL. Oasis Worship Center.


In the past year we have high lighted various ministries and leaders on our website which we have dis-continued our fellowship with due to the lack of integrity, honesty and accountability to our organization, Apostle Loretta  Williams and those who provide services and/or contributions to their missions, ministries and churches.  All leaders and ministers affiliated with Oasis Worship Center Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship, Inc. are required to participate in the Leadership Training Academy Seminars, Workshops, Bible Cell Groups or Online Training via Internet in order to complete their requirements for membership, to hold any official position within our organization and to be licensed or ordained by this organization.  Failure to do so or to successfully complete these requirements will result in suspension, termination or dis-fellowship of your membership and their credentials will be voided.


Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship By Laws and Guidelines are specific and detailed in these requirements of which each candidate for membership is informed by the USA Executive Office.  We believe that every leader and minister should be held accountable to those who they submit themselves to in leadership.  We believe that each person/individual is responsible for their actions and behavior, and that which doesn't edify, strengthen or build spiritual and moral ethics and character does more ir-repairable damage to the Body of Christ as a whole and does not justify or fulfill our Mission Statement which is to "Bring Unity to the Body of Christ."


We appreciate all those who read our web-site and the contents and ask that you consider and support both spiritually and financially, those leaders who are directly recommended in writing or verbally, by Apostle Williams and her Executive Board and Administrative Staff only.  Since this information may change and is based on Oasis membership compliance and loyalty in accordance to our Ministerial By Laws and Guidelines.


Current members and Ministers (Clergy) that are currently in compliance and recommended by our organization will have or are in the process of receiving their 2010-2011 Certificate of Membership and Ministerial ID with their names and picture directly on the documents for verification.


You may also contact us by phone or write to us. 

To contact us:
Office Phone: 773.683.5540  Please leave a brief message on our Voice Mail if we are unavailable or after business hours, a staff member will return you call asap.
Business Hours Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST.
Oasis Worship Center
6565 N. MacArthur Blvd.  Suite 225
Irving, TX. 75039